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Published: 2011-05-22 22:57:00 EDT by Unknown

With option expiration passing along with Harold Camping's bogus rapture prediction, this is how my portfolio has changed. The Put option I STO against my cash for CPLP was executed, so I am back into the stock where I was Called out of it a month ago. The benefit of this is that I am not subject to the wash sale rule.

CIM didn't move high enough to trigger the Call option order I STO against the existing shares that I do own. This month, I don't think I will attempt to sell against my current shares. However, with favorable conditions I will still be Put into the 300 shares of CIM by next option expiration just before the stock climbs through the 4$ strike price.

DWA moved down even further decreasing the value of my position in it and negating my order to STO a Call option against my shares from ever being put through. I would really like to see this summer's gas prices keep people going to the theaters for entertainment instead of traveling so that I can at least see a premium for STO a call option against my shares, but that is a bias position considering my stake.

That is my opinion, you can take it or leave it. Disclaimer: See bottom of page.

CIM - Chimera Investment Corp.
CPLP - Capital Product Partners, LP
DWA - Dreamworks Animation SKG, Inc.
STO - sell-to-open / sold-to-open / selling-to-open

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Updated: 2011-05-22 23:01:55 EDT