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Brandon J. L. Bernal
Cell: (305) 338-0793
PHP Web Developer, 18+ years professional experience, specializing in object oriented design, UI applications, custom web applications, command line scripting, data transfer and manipulation; Skill set includes AJAX, AngularJs, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Smarty, SOAP Services, SQL (MS Access, MySQL and Sybase), XHTML, and XML; Working knowledge of ASP, C++, Flash-XML interation, Visual Basic, and VBScript; Worked performed with Bugzilla, Code Collaborator, JIRA, MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), Perforce, PuTTY, UNIX, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Home, Windows 7 Professional, Zend Studio, NuSphere.
03/06/2012 — 04/30/2013
ILS Technology: Boca Raton, FL — http://www.ilstechnology.com/
A SASS solutions provider in the M2M industry that provides the world's only ready-to-use, off-the-shelf cloud platform to connect enterprise IT systems to the devices and machines on which businesses depend.
  • Performed work on the web based cloud application that primarily utilized the CakePHP MVC framework.
  • Personally rebuilt the remote device's web accessible interface that primarily utilized AngularJS.
  • Front-end functionality on both applications utilized JQuery JavaScript cross browser framework.
02/25/2011 — 01/31/2012
Nationwide Relocation: Margate, FL — http://www.movingcost.com/
A commercial and residential moving company that handles the brokering and dispatching of both local and long distance moves. Originally contracted to take over the development of their internally sponsored web based, moving logistics software when the original developer moved on. Converted to direct hire on 3/21/2011.
  • Web Application primarily utilized the CakePHP MVC framework.
  • Front-end functionality utilized JQuery JavaScript cross browser framework.
02/08/2011 — 02/17/2011
Stern | Bloom Media: Hallendale Beach, FL — http://www.sternbloom.com/
Originally a magazine publishing company, now extending their publishing and advertising experience into the web publishing and marketing industry.
  • Designed a simple message authoring system that converted the messages into PDF documents to be printed out, using the Zend Framework.
  • Set up the Open Source Kaltura Video platform for a client requiring live video recording from the browser.
12/14/2010 — 01/13/2011
CSN Media: Palm Beach Gardens, FL — http://www.csnmedia.com/
A privately-held, full-service digital agency, focusing exclusively in the areas of interactive marketing and digital advertising, fusing best-of-breed technology with inventive ideas to create solutions that help clients attract, engage, and retain their customers/donors/subscribers/audience in this digital world.
07/2009 — 11/2010
YOUniversityTV: Boynton Beach, FL — http://www.youniversitytv.com/
A web media corporation focused on college video tours with a high school and college social networking environment.
  • Shared in the responsibilities of maintaining the website, and developing new web base products that would connect colleges with potential future students.
  • Was involved in the migration from the CMS Social Engine to Joomla.
  • Developed and modified Joomla components, modules, and plugins.
  • Worked with Zend Framework to implement the company API.
  • Worked with javascript frameworks JQuery and Mootools.
  • Worked with Facebook Development Platform to create a Facebook Application.
03/2009 — 06/2009
Assurant Solutions: Miami, Florida — http://www.assurantsolutions.com/
A premier provider of specialized insurance products and related services in North America and selected other markets.
  • Contracted through Sapphire Technologies for the purpose of building a front-end time entry reporting solution for JTrac data.
  • Front-end built on WAMP architecture.
  • Sub-systems implemented with the use of AJAX, CSS, Flash-XML based charting solution FusionCharts, JavaScript, MS Access, MySQL, Smarty, and PHP-CLI scripting.
  • Completed multiple tabular and graphical reports.
  • Received client side familiarity with IBM Cognos Cube solution.
  • Received administrative and client side familiarity with JTrac progress tracking software.
  • Reason for leaving: Corporate restructuring suspended contract renewals.
10/2006 — 11/2008
Revelex Corporation: Boca Raton, Florida — http://www.revelex.com/
A web based technology solutions provider for the travel industry
Engineering Support Programmer 10/2006-11/2008
  • Primary responsibility was to debug system flaws identified in the production environment for all products; Programmed to be PHP 4 and 5 compatible using HTML, CSS, Smarty, JavaScript, SQL, XML, and AJAX.
  • Upgraded the UI for entering and maintaining the client base information; programmed to be PHP 5 compatible using HTML, Smarty, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL.
  • Designed and upgraded the cruise product to include cruise tours. Programmed the company facing UI for entering cruise tour data, and the customer facing UI to search, view, and request manual booking availability. Programmed to be PHP 4 and 5 compatible, using HTML, JavaScript, and SQL.
  • Designed and implemented the Data Feed Download system; Programmed to be PHP 4 and 5 compatible using HTML, SQL, XML, and AJAX. Included PHP-CLI scripting for automated transactions to an FTP server.
  • Implemented the G1 Special Promotion system and its internal reporting interface. Included PHP-CLI scripting for the automated email of bi-weekly reports. Programmed to be PHP 4 and 5 compatible using HTML, CSS, Smarty, SQL, XML, and AJAX.
  • Assisted in the new harness driven interface being made available to all customers, Spring 2009; Programmed to be PHP 4 and 5 compatible using Smarty, HTML, CSS, DOM, SQL, SOAP Services, XML, and AJAX.
  • Received two substantial raises after each annual performance review.
  • Reason for leaving: Supervisor's discretion.
2003 — 10/2006
Revelex Corporation: Boca Raton, Florida — http://www.revelex.com/
A web based technology solutions provider for the travel industry
Website Content Manager 2003-10/2006
  • Built the department from the ground up. Maximum of 5 subordinates.
  • Designed the client application forms.
  • Designed the data entry UI for entering client agency, agent, and website information using HTML and word to generate the documentation, and oversaw the implementation which used HTM, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP 4.
  • Designed the content entry interface used to maintain the dynamically displayed content; implemented in PHP 4, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Designed an interface to check third party API connectivity for client use. Designed in HTML, CSS, and was implemented in HTML, CSS, and PHP 4.
  • Organized and documented the requirements that were needed to electronically retrieve data from the API accessible vendors and store the data into the system. Implementation accomplished in JAVA.
  • Designed and programmed in SQL a means of reporting the number of bookings made per vendor. Eventually used as the base for additional booking reports.
  • Duties initially overlapped with a previous position.
  • Position left due to rising workload in programming department preventing optimization of the content entry department. Applied for and was accepted to fill programmer position in engineering support. First tasked with optimizing internal applications.
08/2002 — 2003
Revelex Corporation: Boca Raton, Florida — http://www.revelex.com/
A web based technology solutions provider for the travel industry
Network Technician 08/2002-2003
  • General network and terminal hardware preparation and maintenance.
  • Experienced with Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server.
  • Experienced in terminating and testing Cat5e cables.
  • Duties overlapped into new position.
  • Position left due to declining workload for networking department and position opening in content entry department.
01/2005 — 12/2008
Broward College, Previously Broward Community College; Florida
  • Current GPA: 3.86
  • Completed courses for Aviation Maintenance Management, AAS
  • Currently taking classes for the Application Programmer Degree, AS
09/1997 — 10/2000
George T. Baker Aviation School; Miami, Florida
  • Graduated with a GPA of 3.788; A & P Graduation Certificates of Completion
  • Airframe & Powerplant License Issued: 11/06/2001
09/1994 — 06/1998
Miami Norland Senior High School; Miami, Florida
  • Graduated 5th in Class with Honors, GPA of 4.385; High School Diploma
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