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Portfolio Update and Option Picks

Published: 2010-09-20 19:46:00 EDT by Unknown

As was expected, I was assigned over the weekend for the September 17, 2010 $18 strike call option I sold against the shares I held in the SLV. As of Monday they have been transferred out of my account and $1800 (less commission) has been transferred into my account. The assignment only gave me a little over 5% profit, but I should also take into account the $70 earned through the collection of premiums over the past six months. So that actually brings me closer to 9%. Can we say, "better than bank interest"?

With the assignment proceeds available in my account, I have the capital to cover the purchase of 200 shares of CPLP at $7.50. So with that said, I set a trade order this morning to STO two of the December 18 2010 put options on CPLP. This order triggered at $0.30 a contract share. After commission, I pocketed $53.74. Now, if my analysis is correct, CPLP should go up towards $9-$10 in the next month or so. At which time I could buy it back for a few dollars. However, if it does go down below the $7.50 strike, I am more than willing to accept the purchase of 200 shares of CPLP. That is my opinion, you can take it or leave it. Disclaimer: See bottom of page.

From this point I will define the stock symbols and acronyms I use at the end of my post.
CPLP - Capital Product Partners, LP
SLV - iShares Silver Trust ETF
STO - sell-to-open

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