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Portfolio Update: Catching Up.

Published: 2013-05-12 13:15:00 EDT by Unknown

I fell behind some, so this post might be a bit longer than usual. There haven't been a lot of changes. The changes just haven't been posted in a timely manner. So here we go.

I temporarily had to stop funding my account, but will recommence doing so shortly. The last of my funds in the account have been used to make the following purchases in order to increase the payout of my dividend schedule.

On May 3rd, I added to my position of AGNC. My reasoning here is that because it pays out at such a high yield with a lower investment, I can leverage that to help fund the purchases of my other positions. The risk is that the market value is dropping because it missed the last quarter expectations. For that reason it might actually be smarter to move the entire position over to either NLY or CIM. But in those two the focus would be on equity growth where as my focus is more on income with the side effect of growth due to planned reinvestment.

On May 8th, I added to my position of ETP. My reasoning here is much the same as AGNC. There may be better options for growth, but growth isn't my first priority, as was mentioned above.

The market has shown that investors are ignoring the "Sell in May and go away..." rhyme and are continuing to invest. But of course, it is only the middle of may. The second half may turn out differently, but only time will tell. That's my opinion. What's yours.

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AGNC - American Capital Agency Corp
CIM - Chimera Investment Corp
ETP -Energy Transfer Partners, LP
NLY - Annaly Capital Management, Inc

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